Our Services

Here at Cleaner Corners, we offer a variety of cleaning services to help keep your home clean and looking great! From Housekeeping to Carpet Cleaning and Pressure Washing, we’ll help revive the beauty of your home, inside and out!

About Us

Meet Kimberly and Danny Ledford / Owners

We are a Christian owned and operated company that provide housekeeping services to Chattanooga area residents and businesses.

Kimberly began her housekeeping journey in November of 2012. When she and Danny married in February of 2013, they began cleaning homes together. They now have several Housekeepers that currently work with Cleaner Corners to provide the best Housekeeping experience possible for their clients.

Contact Us

Call (423) 635-1235 or email MyCleanerCorners@gmail.com today, or fill out one of our forms and we will get back to you as soon as we can.